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Instructor Changes!

Please welcome back Adrienne Goggins to Tuesday's at 9:30AM (RPM) and Andrea Schofield to Wednesday's at 9:30AM (All Terrain)

The fall/winter Mt. Pleasant cycling and group fitness schedule is active. To view the full schedule click HERE.

*NEW* Friday morning 6:15AM All Terrain class with Howard  - Give it a try . . . you won't be disappointed!

Please don't forget to sign up for your next cycling class!! The fall is a busy time, and you don't want to have to vacate your bike if the class is full  . . . and you didn't sign up :(

If you would like to bring a friend to any cycling class, you can get a free class pass from any instructor. SAVE the 15 bucks!

This is a great time to buy cycling shoes or other equipment! Have a look at the article below, and remember as a GoodLife Mt. Pleasant member, you get 10% off your purchases at CyclePath (Yonge Street at Manor Road)